Designing for Success: Elevate Your Business Card Design

Need a professional Business Card Design?

At Fourth Dimension Logo, we specialize in business card design, logo design, and pretty much anything graphic design related. In other words, we make it easy for anyone to get started with the process. Our business cards are one-of-a-kind, created in Adobe Suites to bring to life any vision you can imagine.

Most job requests of this nature can be completed in as little as 48 to 72 hours depending on the complexity of your design request. We’ll create a custom front and back design based off of your existing logo. Don’t worry if you don’t have a logo, we can help you with that as well.

Fourth Dimension Logo - Business Card Design - Boise

Our business card design process breaks down into 4 simple steps

1. Contact Us

Use our Contact Form to tell us about your business. We will be in contact within 24 hours to discuss your options.

2. Create An Identity

After discussion about your vision and assuring the right fit, your completed business cards will be created.

3. Revisions

Request changes to colors, styles, graphics, or any other aspect, until the brand is impeccable to your liking.

4. Your New Cards

Your business card design will be finalized and put together in a PDF document for easy reference.

Business Card Design by Fourth Dimension Logo - Front
Professional Business Card Design by Fourth Dimension Logo - Back

Boise’s Business Card Design Professionals

Over the years Fourth Dimension Logo has worked with clients from all varieties of businesses. Our previous work ranges from simple mom-and-pop shops to 100+ employee e-commerce retailers. Don’t be caught off guard the next time someone asks “Do you have a business card?”. Allow our team to help you create a work of art specifically tailored to your business and line of work. Let us help you make something you are excited to share with your prospects, clients, friends, and more.

Designing for Success: Elevate Your Business Card Design 1
Boise Idaho Business Card and Graphic Design Services

Revisions along the way? No Problem

Once we’ve gone over some of the initial ideas for the business card design we’ll narrow down our choices. In addition, bounce some feedback off of each other. We will work to achieve a single, refined, perfected card that you think would best represent your business. Watermarked proof of concepts are initially sent over while we work through the process.

Once a finalized look is decided on, a high resolution PDF will be sent over for both the front and back design. If it takes us a few revisions to get it just the way you envisioned there will be no extra charge. Fourth Dimension Logo uses a flat fee approach that includes revisions along the way.

Fourth Dimension Logo Business Card Design
Designing for Success: Elevate Your Business Card Design 2

Working with you every step of the way

Once the business card design is completed and have been decided on, it’s time for us to start producing all of the necessary documentation. This includes making sure the files are the perfect fit, highest resolution, and ready for professional printing. No printing is done in-house, only the files will be provided as part of the negotiated flat fee.

All of the documentation will be bundled up in a zip-file and sent over. After that, instructions explaining all of the elements and how they can best be used. As always, we will be available if you ever have questions about your cards or run into any problems with them.

Most clients use industry trusted companies to service their printing needs. Companies like Staples or Office Depot are most common. To ensure you business card design printing get’s delivered in the highest quality we recommend not going through smaller online printing providers. 

Represent your business the right way

Maintaining seamless branding throughout your business is a key factor in setting your company above the competition. In other words, it’s important to maintain the same styles, fonts, colors, etc. when creating your business card design or building out your logo design. In doing so, every piece of your business will be represented the right way to your customer base. As a result, your company will maintain credibility and proper representation.

As demonstrated by the above examples, we’ll design your cards with care while taking into consideration every aspect of your business and clientele. We will work to keep your brand identity in tack while maintaining the corresponding color scheme and logo design built into the concept.

What you get when you hire Fourth Dimension Logo

1. Experience

You’re hiring an agency with over 11 years of experience working with local businesses to expand, create, and perfect their brand identities.

2. Care

We take the time to approach each and every design as if it were our own, ensuring you’ll get quality craftsmanship that you’ll be proud to put your name on.

3. Trust

We've managed to maintain a great reputation — a reputation that we built with promptness, professionalism, and exceptional quality of work.