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Everyday Armis - Logo Design Summary.

Everyday Armis is a company that specializes in selling riffles and pistols through an innovative e-commerce platform. Everyday Armis is a local company based out of beautiful Boise, Idaho. In light of recent global events, more people than ever are considering arming themselves for self-defense. Everyday Armis helps their clients protected with a wide selection of name brand firearms. Fourth Dimension Logo Design created the logo around the primary nature of their business. This logo was created with the customers specific vision and monochromatic color scheme as the foundation of the design.

Everyday Armis offers quality firearms that are affordable and fully legal. Services are offered to private residential customers as well as larger corporate enterprises. The experienced and trusted firearm dealers have a high reputation for selling quality goods, helping ordinary citizens protect themselves and their homes.

With this in mind, Everyday Armis wanted their logo design to be something bold and specific to their line of work. With the help of our creative team at Fourth Dimension Logo, we were able to create something vibrant and edgy for their Logo & Brand Identity. While we were designing for the client, they were focusing on their clients and maintaining their book of business. 

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Everyday Armis Logo - by Fourth Dimension Logo - Boise, Idaho
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Stephen Paton


02 Jul, 2022