Kalani Skin Care

Kalani Skin Care - Logo Design Summary.

Kalani Skin Care is an innovative skincare product line that uses all-natural and 100% cruelty-free ingredients. Kalani Skin Care is based out of Kuna, Idaho. The skincare product line is rapidly growing thanks to its continued dedication to finding the world’s best ingredients to create the most effective high-quality skincare products.

Working together as a collaborative team, Fourth Dimension Logo was able to work one-on-one with the owner and bring her vision to life. Together, with Kim’s vision in mind, and our expertise in Adobe Suite, we were able to produce a Professional Logo Design concept for her business. Our creative design efforts helped make an impactful first impression on their customer base. 

Kalani Skin Care Brand Identity by Fourth Dimension Logo

While keeping the Logo Design minimal using a 1-tone color scheme – We were able to produce a top looking Logo Design for Kalani Skin Care. The logo was designed in Adobe Software, then all of the project files were sent to the client so that they could maintain full control over their Brand Identity.

Kalani Skin Care - Brand Identity Summary.

After the Logo Design was finished, the next step in the design process was working together to create a unique Brand Identity for the packaging and labels. The owner provided multiple sample images and continuous feedback to guide our work into a specific direction of gracefulness and beauty. With the consumers’ in mind, Fourth Dimension Logo went to work at it.

Brand Identity - Kalani Skin Care Dream
Brand Identity - Kalani Skin Care Lunar

Kalani Skin Care had a vision of using the highest quality ingredients to make the most effective skincare line on the market and wanted to incorporate that concept throughout the Brand Identity. After many hours detailing every aspect, we produced a Brand Identity that is colorful, dazzling, and aesthetically pleasing for a distinguished brand.

About: Kalani Skin Care

“Kalani has done the work you, by making simple yet highly effective products with the best ingredients nature has to offer that will simplify your skincare routine. Kalani is dedicated to help you achieve your skincare goals, feeling comfortable and confident in your skin, with or with out make-up. 

With so many skin care products to chose from, finding the right regimen to match the needs of your skin can be overwhelming. More often that not, we find ourselves testing several products trying to achieve our skincare goals often feeling disappointed, not to mention the money wasted.” – Kalani Skin Care

Fourth Dimension Logo | Boise Logo Design | Kalani Skin Care Dream 2
Kalani Skin Care 1

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Kim Moffatt


26 Oct, 2022