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Ideal Plumbing Service - Logo Design Summary.

Ideal Plumbing Service provides Canyon County and surrounding area with professional plumbing services. Rated as one of Nampa’s best Plumbing Service providers – Looking professional is an important aspect of their business.

Working together as a collaborative team, Fourth Dimension Logo we was able to produce a professional Logo & Business Card for their business. Making an impactful first impression on their customer base.

Ideal Plumbing Service had a vision of a faucet dripping water and wanted to incorporate that concept into their design. Fourth Dimension Logo went to work at it – Creating something elegant, professional, and aesthetically pleasing for their business. 

While keeping the design minimal – We were able to produce a top looking brand identity for Ideal Plumbing Service. The logo was designed in Adobe Software, then all of the project files were sent to the client so that they could maintain full control over their brand.

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About: Ideal Plumbing Service

At Ideal Plumbing Service,  your comfort is their number one priority. They take the time to help you find the perfect, custom solution for your home and are always happy to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. Most of all, they’re committed to outstanding customer service. When you trust your plumbing needs to them, you can rest assured that you’re receiving top-rate services from a highly-qualified, professional team.

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Ideal Plumbing Service - Business Card Design by Fourth Dimension Logo
Ideal Plumbing Service - Design by Fourth Dimension Logo

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Chris Holliefield


24 Dec, 2022