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Sushi Bros- Menu Design Summary

Sushi Bros is an amazing restaurant and catering truck located in Boise, Idaho. They serve the best authentic Micronesian foods with all the fixings one could want. From chef to food, it’s the real deal. Fourth Dimension Logo was excited to take on this menu design project from the first interaction we had with Brianna and the Sushi Bros team.

Fourth Dimension Logo - Menu Design Mockup for Sushi Bros

Our Creative Design Process

Working together as a collaborative team, Fourth Dimension Logo produced a professional Menu Logo for their business. All of the concepts and graphic art used for the menu were created from scratch using Adobe Suites. From the moment their customers sit down to order, our catchy menu design makes an impactful first impression.

Sushi Bros had a vision of keeping the menu design simple with color tones and graphics that spoke to the already existing logo design and color scheme. They wanted to incorporate their brand identity directly into the concept of their menu. Fourth Dimension Logo went to work at it – Creating an elegant, professional, and aesthetically pleasing menu for their business.

Sushi Bro Front Menu Design by Fourth Dimension Logo
Sushi Bro Back Menu Design by Fourth Dimension Logo

While keeping the design minimal – We were able to produce a top-looking menu that matched perfectly with the brand. The menu design was created in Adobe Software, then all of the project files were sent to the client so that they could maintain complete control over their brand. Every aspect of this Sushi Bros menu design was thoroughly inspected for detail and accuracy.

Sushi Bros menu includes Nigiri, Special Nigiri, Temaki Hand Rolls, Maki Basic, Special Rolls, Sashimi, 5 Sushi Combos, a Teriyaki Chicken Bowl, a Rice Bowl, and many other delicious items. Making the menu look clean and consistent while fitting in all the fantastic food items was a challenge gladly accepted.

Sushi Bro Menu Design and Food examle - Fourth Dimension Logo

More About: Sushi Bros

Sushi Bros is a well-established staple in the Boise community. A place for mouth-watering food paired with a small hometown feel. The staff is filled with great people who go the extra mile to provide quality service. Sushi Bro uses the finest ingredients to make sure every dish prepared and served is of the best quality. 

If you’re in the area and haven’t yet tried Sushi Bros we highly recommend you do! You can enjoy any of their fabulous menu items, by visiting them in person or by calling in an order directly to their mobile food truck.

Sushi Bro food example - Fourth Dimension Logo

More About: Sushi Bros Menu Design

Fourth Dimension Logo was pleased to be a part of this menu design project for Sushi Bros. Getting to work so closely with key pillars of our community is what brings us joy. This particular project from start to finish took about 5 business days. The finalized menu was 16 inches in height and 12 inches in width. 

Having a large surface area gave us creative opportunities in designing the menu. The Sushi Bros logo consisted of bright eye-catchy colors. We incorporated this bright color palette into our design. Working off of a flat black background the bright colors contrasted well. These colors provided easy readability and aided in the overall flow of the menu.

Sushi Bros front menu was broken out into key sections. Appetizers, dinner entrees, kids menu, desserts, teriyaki bowls, and beverages. The back menu was broken into the specific types of sushi they serve. Unique graphic elements were added into the design to fill negative space and bring symmetry to the design

Sushi Bros 1

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Brianna Bales


27 Jan, 2023