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The Mark Howley Show - Podcast Logo Design Summary.

The Mark Howley Show is an interview-based podcast speaking with career professionals about their blend of success, passion, and work-life balance. The driving question is: “How did you do what you did and why?” Mark interviews people from all different backgrounds to tell their stories and share their pearls of wisdom. We were excited to take on this creative design project from the first interaction we had with Mark and his team.

Working together as a collaborative team, Fourth Dimension Logo produced a professional Podcasting Logo for their business. Our catchy logo design for The Mark Howley Show helps make an impactful first impression on their customer base. 

The Mark Howley Show had a vision of keeping the podcast logo design simple with minimal color tones and wanted to incorporate that concept into their design. Fourth Dimension Logo went to work at it – Creating an elegant, professional, and aesthetically pleasing Logo Design for their business. 

While keeping the design minimal – We were able to produce a top-looking brand identity for The Mark Howley Show. The podcasting logo was designed in Adobe Software, then all of the project files were sent to the client so that they could maintain complete control over their brand. Every aspect of this boise logo design was created from scratch.

For this particular project, monochromatic logo variations were also included in the finalized zipped file that was sent to the client. This allowed The Mark Howley show to utilize multiple branding techniques while implementing various file types depending on the application of use.

The Mark Howley Show Podcasting Logo Design- by Fourth Dimension Logo

About: The Mark Howley Show

Who is Mark? Mark has been a successful business owner for over 20 years, a father to 5 daughters, and married for 30 years. Mark has created a unique podcast titled The Mark Howley Show to share his story and experience with you. The Mark Howley Show is available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. Tune in today to start enjoying countless episodes of one-on-one interactions conducted by Mark.

He is a business consultant, podcaster, and public speaker who blends humor, personal experience, and business advice to help professionals on their career paths. Mark specializes in Public Speaking, entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales, Business, Product Development, and Motivational Speaking.

The Mark Howley Show Cover Design- by Fourth Dimension Logo Design
The Mark Howley Show Logo Design- by Fourth Dimension Logo
Podcast Logo Design - The Mark Howley Show

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Mark Howley


24 Jan, 2023